Focus On Metal: John (Iron City Rocks)
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I was born, raised and schooled in western Pennsylvania. I have an incredible wife, great children, a beagle and two neurotic cats. I love Steeler football and Penquins hockey. I am a runner but only because I have to be.

I first got interested in music pretty early in life. I remember vividly a kid showing me Kiss' comic book and thinking how cool it was to be a rock band and at the same time superheros. I bought my first Kiss album, Ace Frehley's solo record, before I had ever heard them. Our local library had Alive. I was hooked. I started playing guitar at the age of 13. I got into the production side of music helping a friends band. While in college, I got my FCC license and became the program directory for Waynesburg College's WCYJ radio station

I got interested in podcast listening to both Radioactive Metal and Talking Metal. I wanted to take a stab at it myself and decided to do a show that focused on Pittsburgh's music scene. In January 2009, Iron City Rocks ( was born. Although not a "metal" show, we have had our share of quests for the genre including Bruce Kulick, Y&T, Anthrax, Steven Adler, Great White, Triumph, Mushroomhead, Michael Schenker and many more.